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Some of our supporters asked if they could make donations to the general fund rather than sponsoring an individual child.

We use this to send money each month to Molima to cover the costs of running the home and also to support projects in local schools that the children attend.

Allocation of funds over the last two years

98.4% of our income goes to Molima

  • Monthly running costs – care, food, medication, clothing – increased during inflation
  • Extra maize when food is scarce
  • Building costs to complete a secure exterior wall to Molima
  • Replacement batteries for solar panels funded 3 years ago, to provide light and heating
  • School uniforms and school fees
  • School shoes and gifts for visit in 2019
  • Special meal and gift for the children and staff at Christmas
  • Seeds and fertilizer to help Molima become more sustainable, particularly when food shortages
  • Additional labour to help with the harvest
  • Firewood
  • Annual car service and insurance
  • Cost of emptying septic tank
  • Chickens, feed and equipment
  • A cow for breeding, milk and manure for fertiliser

There is so much more we could do with your help. For example:

  • Continue to improve the living accommodation and dining/study facilities for the children and young people
  • See more young people leave Molima with training and work opportunities which will secure their futures
  • Help us to keep pace with 9% annual inflation in Malawi so we have enough money to send each month for the care and education of the children
  • Replace shoes more regularly, as one pair each wears out very quickly – school, play and walking
  • Help Molima to become more sustainable with food by providing more seeds and fertilizer and paying for cows to give milk and fertiliser
  • Provide more desks for Dedza Primary School