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We’re a small charity with big aspirations for the care and education of children at Molima. We’d love you to join with us to make this happen with your donations.

Orfund - Sustainable crops

Sustainable crops

Molima are working hard to become more self-sufficient in a country with high inflation (9% currently) and the challenges of extreme weather. We want to supply seeds and fertiliser regularly and enable them to buy some animals for food and breeding.

Orfund - Sustainable environment

Sustainable environment

We want to maintain the water pump, the solar panels to give light and heat, the toilets and septic tank and the fabric of the building for children like Vanessa, age 4, who has just joined Molima.

Orfund - College and training

College and training opportunities

Young people at Molima need to be given the best chance to have a secure future during which they will be able to support themselves with work and accommodation.

We want to give them the chance to go to college or be trained as an apprentice so they can fulfil their dreams. Dickson (above) on his Journalism course.

Orfund - New room

New room

The one fairly small room at Molima is used for play, homework, meals and leisure. It’s really tight for 24 children particularly when the weather is bad. We would love to help them convert the wood shed to make a separate room with tables for study and meals.

They are so keen to support tuition and homework – somewhere separate would be marvellous. It will cost £5000.

Orfund - New desks

New desks

We've provided over £15,000 to build two new classrooms at Dedza Primary School, which 16 of the children at Molima attend. This has reduced class sizes from 100 to 60.

Sophie and Jamie’s sponsored bicycle ride raised over £2000 to kit out a second block. We would love to do more for the schools attended by children from Molima Family Home.